About Tekkonkreet

This two-way system, with a sealed box enclosure, was constructed using concrete and a wooden front baffle. The half cylinder was both a stylistic choice as well as one that would aid in fidelity. By making these speakers a misshapen cylinder, it decreased standing waves with in the box. The entire appearance was inspired by the urban decay around the Keweenaw Peninsula, in Michigan, after copper mining left. This left ruins from old mining structures around the area. Don’t let the appearance of these speakers fool you though, their performance is extraordinary.

  • bandwidth 100Hz-10,000Hz +-4 db
  • f3 @ 80Hz and f10 @ 60Hz

Design of Tekkonkreet

When I first conceived these speakers, I really just wanted to test to see if it could be done.  I wanted to find out if I could create a speaker system that was both made of concrete and a half cylinder in shape. Granted, at this point, my design was largely based on an experiment and appearance. In order to accomplish something that I would not only want in my home, but also something that I would hold on to for the rest of my life, I decided to make these a set of Hi-Fi home speakers.


Final testing info

Drivers in Tekkonkreet

When considering drivers, I decided on the Fostex ft48d cloth dome tweeters and the Aurum Cantus AC 250 eight inch non-woven carbon fiber woofers.  These seemed to complement each other well.  In modeling, all I needed was a first order crossover to make them work together. Upon building the crossover, I realized that  a third order crossover at 2,500 Hz for both of them was needed.

Crossover For Tekkonkreet

After a great deal of testing first order and second order butter-worth crossovers, I decided on a third order bessel crossover at 2,500 Hz on the tweeter and a third order butter-worth on the woofer also at 2,500 Hz. My speakers had a gradual upward curve in the frequency response.  This was remedied with a set of three baffle step circuits which acted as low pass filters that made my speakers sound more bass heavy; thus, giving the illusion of having a lot of bass.

Conception of Tekkonkreet

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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