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Monitor 1 by Keith Kinnear

High Performance Studio Monitors

The main objective of this design was simply to create the most accurate, high precision studio monitors possible. The speakers were able to meet that objective in almost every way thanks to some key components of the design.

One of the most influential aspects is the cabinet construction, including the unique six-sided shape and complicated panel and joint structures. They help these speakers avoid a whole host of problems traditional box designs usually have to deal with. Panel vibrations, internal cabinet standing wave resonances, and most of the effects of edge diffraction did not pose a problem with these speakers in the least.

Multi-layer cabinet construction (MDF, Baltic Birch Plywood, mass loaded vinyl, masonite)

An equally important element of the design was the choice of high quality transducers – and believe me, no expense was spared when it came to choosing the right drivers to fit the design criteria. Both the tweeters and woofers are low distortion, high bandwidth drivers that are known for their smooth, un-colored sound. Both of them are also great performers and made it easy to implement them into this, and likely almost any other, design.

The crossover is the last piece of the puzzle to be mentioned since it connects everything together and literally shapes the sound of the signal being presented to the drivers. Many hours of testing and very careful manipulation of the passive circuit elements produced a crossover that reacts with the drivers in such a way that the on-axis frequency response only varies by 2 dB across a spectrum from 50 Hz to 18 kHz. Now that’s something that anyone can be proud of.

In all, the design was a success and the speakers have proven to do exactly what they were designed for – be highly accurate, high performance studio monitors.

Creative Commons License
Monitor 1 by Keith Kinnear is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Design Objectives

  • Highly accurate studio monitors for precision mixing and mastering
  • Relatively low crossover point to preserve vocal presence range
  • At least 103 dB SPL max output
  • f3 = 45Hz

Key Features

  • Full range two-way design made possible by the use of wide bandwidth, low distortion drivers
  • Unique cabinet shape and construction designed to eliminate many of the common diffraction, vibration, and resonance problems found in traditional box designs
  • Exceptionally flat frequency response from 50Hz to 18 kHz
  • Excellent impulse and step (time domain) responses, indicating a lack of time smearing and greatly improved clarity and transient accuracy
  • Outstanding horizontal off-axis response
  • Sturdy handles on the sides to make movement possible

System Tests

Frequency Response

Driver Response

Reverse Polarity Response

Harmonic Distortion

Left/Right Difference

Impulse Response

Step Response

Minimum Phase Response

Tweeter Tests – Scanspeak D3004/6600-00 AirCirc

Tweeter Frequency Response

Tweeter Horizontal Response

Tweeter Distortion

Tweeter Impulse Response

Tweeter Step Response

Tweeter Phase Response

Woofer Tests – Seas L22RN4X/P  H1208

Woofer Frequency Response

Woofer Horizontal Response

Woofer Distortion

Woofer Impulse

Woofer Step

Woofer Minimum Phase

  1. September 14, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    The builder rates his creation highly.
    I see no obvious way from the info provided to attempt a reproduction.
    I imagined the purpose of this info release was to perhaps offer the design for public use?

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