This two-way system allows for high quality, high fidelity playback at a considerably low price. With a frequency response that remains within +/- 3 dB, it meets industry standards for applications such as mixing and mastering. The vented enclosure allows extended bass response. With a passive 3rd order crossover at 1.8 kHz, the summation between the 6 1/2″ woofer and 1″ tweeter maintain a flat frequency response.

System Designer: 

Spencer Karlovits


  • Two-way System
  • Vented Enclosure
  • Passive Crossover
  • Under $500


Woofer: Seas Prestige 6 1/2″ CA18RLY

Tweeter: Seas Prestige 1″ 27TDFC


  • Interior: 3/4″ 11-ply Birch
  • Exterior: 3/4″ MDF
Initial Design Statement
Crossover Schematic
Enclosure Draft 
Final Tuning Report

System Frequency Response with Crossover Summation
System Response w/ Tweeter Reverse Polarity

System Horizontal Off-Axis Response
Purple 0, Red 15, Green 30, Blue 45, Yellow, 60
System Vertical Off-Axis Response
Purple 0, Red 15, Green, 30, Blue 45, Yellow 60
Woofer Horizontal Off-Axis Response
Blue 0, Yellow 15, Purple 30, Red 45, Green 60,
Woofer Vertical Off-Axis Response
Blue 15, Yellow 30, Purple 45, Red 60
Tweeter Horizontal Off-Axis Response
Yellow 0, Purple 15, Red 30, Green 45, Blue 60
Tweeter Vertical Off-Axis Response
Yellow 15, Purple 30, Red 45, Green 60
Impulse Response
Step Response
System Harmonic Distortion
Woofer Harmonic Distortion
Tweeter Harmonic Distortion
System Phase Response
Woofer Phase Response
Tweeter Phase Response
 System Crossover Response
System Impedance Against 8 Ohm Resistor
 Left/ Right Speaker Difference
Anechoic Chamber Test Results
System Frequency Response
System Impulse Response
System Step Response

System Waterfall Plot
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