Aeternus Lux 2.2 Modular System

Design and Construction:

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Paul Kirby

Design Goals

  • Portable
  • Low Fatigue
  • Low bass extension
  • Modular
  • Good horizontal Off-axis
  • Eventual use in 5.1 system

Key Features 

  • Large Size WxDxH = 9″x1’2″x4’10”
  • +/- 1.5dB from 75-20,000Hz
  • MTM Design
  • Inset tweeter for minimal distance between woofers, hence minimal vertical lobbing
  • Side-firing subwoofer modules (f3 of 25Hz)
  • Removable main with f3 of 70Hz
  • +/- 1.5dB from 75-20,000Hz
  • Active to passive cascaded crossover for module implementation


  • Morel MDT30S-4 1″ Textile Dome Tweeter
  • SEAS Prestige L15RLY/P (H1141) 5.5″ Aluminum Cone Woofers
  • SB Acoustics SB29SWNRK-S75 10″ Subwoofer

Main Response (green is port measurement)

Integrated Response

Sub Response

Sub Response

Impulse Response

Impulse Response


Design Report and Final Testing

Aeternus Lux Drafting


  1. Joel Foust
    December 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Fantastic job on these! I’m a EE that has been doing DIY loudspeaker design for quite some time. I was impressed with your thought process, component selection, analysis and results. Especially the extra care obtaining wide horizontal dispersion throughout the frequency band. I’m sure they image very nicely!

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