Prunus serotina, or black cherry, is a hardwood species found throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is known not only for burning all night in the wood stove, but also for it’s gorgeous color, figure, and grain pattern when properly finished. It was for this reason that Black Cherry was chosen to comprise the the baffles of these loudspeakers, eventually leading to the name Serotina.

From the beginning the intention was for these loudspeakers to provide the most pure, uncolored reproduction of any audio signal that was passed through the system. This meant a very broad spectral response and extremely accurate transient reproduction were necessary of the final product, and were achieved by employing multiple high-quality drivers and sizable, sealed enclosures.

An active crossover network ensures that the system can be fine-tuned for a wide variety of applications. At 6′-4″ they are stretched to accommodate the height of the end user when at a standing desk. However, with a quick re-alignment of the drivers using delay presets, the same great results can be enjoyed from a seated position for an extended stereo listening session or home theater application.

Key Points

  • Uniform Frequency Response
  • Highly Versatile
  • Clean System Integration
  • Pleasing, Natural Aesthetics
  • Raven Point Source Tweeter
  • 5″ Eton 5-212/C8/25 HEX Woofer
  • 10″ Focal P25FS Subwoofer
  • 3.5 Way Active Crossover Network [MiniDSP]
  • +/- 1.5dB From 40Hz to 22kHz
  • 3dB down @31Hz
  • 10dB down @25Hz
  • Oiled Black Cherry baffles
  • Tall for use at a standing desk
  • Sealed cabinets provide accurate transient response
  • A narrow front baffle makes for wide horizontal dispersion
  • Removable back panel for future access

Selected Measurements

Integrated Frequency Responseserotina integrated
Horizontal Off-Axis Response serotina horizontal

Blue = 60deg | Lime = 45deg | Red = 30deg [listening axis] | Purple = 15deg

Serotina with designer


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