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Designed and built by Matthew Jacobson


The Sound Striped two-way home speaker system was designed to fit in with a night of fun, whether that be a night of movie watching or jamming to some tunes. To achieve this goal, the cabinet was designed to be noticeable, bright, and striking. The end result created a loudspeaker layered with stripes of several different types of wood, including redheart, padouk, birch, and maple across its front baffle, reminiscent of something you may see down a bowling lane.

The cabinet was designed to work as a floor standing system, with a height under 2′ tall. The angled front baffle was constructed to allow the sound to be directed up towards the listeners in an average living room. This allows for ideal listening when seated for a movie watching experience.

However, the striking aesthetics would not be enough to fulfill the goal of the loudspeakers. The two-way system was made for the listener to fully experience the booming, explosive sounds that may be heard in movies, or for the thumbing beats and satisfying kicks heard in music. In other words, the clean, bass-boosted system was made to really be noticed.

Design Goals

  • Affordable component and construction cost
  • Room filling sound pressure level output
  • Deep bass response
  • Clean sound with low distortion

Key Features

  • Sharp, striped front baffle
  • Ported enclosure designed for low bass response
  • Good off-axis response for multiple listeners
  • Active cross-over design allowing for easy future adjustments


  • 12″ x 23″ x 21″ Cabinet Dimensions
  • Designed F3 of 28 Hz
  • Two SB Acoustics 29mm Textile Dome Tweeters
  • Two Dayton Audio 8″ Reference Woofers

Photo Gallery

Note: Loudspeaker construction occurred in Spring 2020 semester, during the COVID-19 epidemic. This hampered plans for the final tuning of the loudspeaker design. The attached documentation covers up to cross-over design of the speakers.

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