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Not Your Grandpa’s Speakers


Designed by: Mike Schmitz

Design Goals

  • Casual listening
  • Large and noticeable
  •  Unique aesthetics
  • Passive

Key Features

  • F3 of 26 Hz
  • +/- 6 dB 26 Hz to 18 kHz
  • 2nd Order Crossover at 250 Hz, 4th Order Crossover at 2.5 kHz
  • Wide Dispersion
  • Cost less than $1200
  • Ported design
  • 3/4 in. MDF and 1/2 in. Baltic Burch construction with Maple trim.

Tweeter – Fountek Neo X 2.0 Ribbon
Midrange – SB Acoustics SB15MFC30-4
Woofer – SB Acoustics SB29NRX75-6

Frequency Response
Integrated Frequency Response
Not Your Grandpa’s Speakers Glossy
Not Your Grandpa’s Speakers Research Paper


Green Run: Critical Editing Speakers

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

What they lack in size they make up in clarity and versatility. Designed for

Green Run Right Cabinet

near-field desktop audio editing, these speakers are created to
reproduce the sound signal with maximum clarity.  Optimized and built
small to fit at any editing environment and portable for the nomad

Design Objectives:

  • Bookshelf monitors for audio editing for music, sound effects and film
  • Wide frequency range (60 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Smooth frequency response
  • Inexpensive
Green Run

Green Run Left Cabinet

Key Features:

  • Small, and portable
  • Clear stereo image
  • Minimal off-axis coloration
  • Low crossover frequency of 1.5kHz
  • Under $500

Design Statement

Tuning Report

Crossover Schematic

Cabinet Drafting Plans

System Response
Final System Response Charts Left Cabinet

Final System Response Charts Right Cabinet

SB Acoustics 29RDCN C-0004

Final Tweeter Response Charts Left Cabinet

Final Tweeter Response Charts Right Cabinet

Fountek FW 146

Final Woofer Response Chart Left Cabinet

Final Woofer Response Chart Right Cabinet

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BB 2-Way Loudspeakers

April 20, 2010 1 comment

A well balanced speaker with a low x-over by Ben Boeshans

The primary design goal of the speaker is all-purpose music speaker for everyday listening.  The speakers require good low-end extension, good clarity, and low fatigue.   The crisp highs were obtained through crossover points calculated to be 900 Hz for the woofer and 1.2 kHz for the tweeter.  The goal was met, as exhibited by the several peer reviews some of which commented, “extremely clear,” very accurate,” and “sounded really clean.”  I really like the sound of plucked guitar played on the speakers.  If one closes their eyes they can believe the guitar is being played in the same room.  Part of that effect is also attributed to the reverberation in the cabinets.  After experimenting with a few different types and amounts of damping materials a balance was found between the openness of the speaker and eliminating resonances.

Design Objectives

  • All-purpose Music Speaker
  • Tight Low-End Response
  • 97dB SPL Max output
  • f3 = 50Hz

Key Features

  • Soft-dome tweeter for mellow yet clear highs.
  • Low crossover point for fast transient response.
  • 2” Port for bass extension.
  • 8” Woofer for solid, defined low-end.
  • MDF/Plywood layered cabinet for reduced resonance.
  • Smooth frequency response 60Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Accurate off-axis response.

Technical Reports


Tweeter & Woofer Response

Step Response

Minimum Phase Response

Harmonic Distortion