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Designed By Samuel James Balk
Design Goals:
– 2.5-way design
– Active processing
– F3 of at least 50Hz
– Visually striking
Key Features:
– 2.5-way design
– +/-1.5dB from 50Hz to 30,000Hz
– Excellent Off-Axis Response
– Handmade compound front baffle constructed with layered 1.5″ MDF wrapped in carbon fiber
– Sealed enclosure
– Rear cabinet constructed with 1/2″ plywood and 1/2″ MDF sandwiching mass loaded vinyl
– 4th order asymmetrical crossover at 2200Hz
Fountek FW200 8″ Aluminum Woofers
Fountek NEO X 3.0 Ribbon Tweeter
Frequency Response
Full System FR
Integrated Frequency Response


8X25R Research

8X25R Glossy


AJJ 994’s 3-Way Floorstanding Passive System

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Designed by: Andrew ‘AJ’ Diehl

Design Goals:

  • Sealed enclosure for tight response
  • Passive because it’s awesome
  • Tight bass
  • Accurate reproduction of sound for crucial listening


Key Features:

  • F3 of 39 Hz
  • +/- 3 dB from 90 Hz to 22 kHz
  • 3rd Order Crossover at 2 kHz and 130 Hz
  • Additional 3rd Order Crossover at 300 Hz on Subwoofer
  • Optional 45 Hz Notch Filter on Subwoofer to control nasty resonance
  • Artist from Chicago will be painting both speakers in abstract form



  • Tweeter:
    SB Acoustics SB29RDC-C000-4 Ring Dome Tweeter
  • Mid-Woofer:
    SB Acoustics SB15NRXC30-4 5″ Woofer
  • Subwoofer:
    SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-6 12″ Woofer

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.51.51 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.51.40 AM

Side note on responses: notch filter is included in final results.

Download Glossy: AJJ 994 Speaker Glossy
Download Report: AJJ-994 Transducer Report

Parviflorus UP-906

January 13, 2015 Leave a comment

UP906 Picture

Designed by:  Chris Trevino

Design Goals:

  • Mixing Monitors for Game & Film SFX
  • Classic Look
  • Tight, Accurate Sound
  • Adaptable (designed around MiniDSP)
  • Medium portability
  • Budget: $1200

Key Features:

  • F3 of 43Hz
  • +-2dB from 53Hz-20Khz (after microphone adjustment)
  • 2nd Order LR Crossovers (Woofer @ 2500Hz; Tweeter @ 2000Hz)
  • Sealed Box
  • 7/8″ Cherrywood Front Baffles
  • MiniDSP Amplifier
  • Under Budget: Actual Cost $1100


  • SB Acoustics SB23NACS45-8
  • SB Acoustics SB26ADC-C000-4

Frequency Response (Unadjusted from Microphone Idiosyncrasies):

UP906 Frequency Response

Integrated Frequency Response(Unadjusted from Microphone Idiosyncrasies):

UP906 Integrated Freq Response

Impulse Response:

UP906 Impulse Response

Waterfall Plot:

UP906 Waterfall01


UP906 Research Paper

UP906 Handout

The Krakens – 3-Way Sealed System

Designed by Renata PutzigIMG_4603

Design Goals

  • Large Soundfield
  • Low fatigue
  • Accurate transients
  • For casual listening and movies
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Key Features

  • +/-2 dB from 70Hz to 20 kHz
  • F3 of 50Hz
  • Solid cherry
  • Sealed box
  • Ribbon tweeter
  • 14 3/4″ x 24 3/4″ x 21 3/4″
  • Cost: ~$1000


  • SB Acoustics SB23NRXS45 8″
  • Seas Prestige MCA12RC H1304 4.5″
  • Fountek NeoX 2.0 Ribbon Tweeter

FR all+ drivers zoomed



The Krakens Final Report


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I set out to create critical listening speakers that will be enjoyable in any room you put them in. This was accomplished by creating a floor standing pair of speakers with great off axis response to make the largest “sweet spot” to fully enjoy your music. I believe speakers should be flexible enough to be an afterthought when you are relaxing to your favorite music.

Epimetheus utilizes a passive 2.5-way crossover design which means, compared to a 2-way crossover, there is an additional woofer that handles only the bass frequency.


+/- 2 dB from 70 to 17k Hz

Great Off Axis Response

Under $800

Floor standing

F3: 60 Hz


Tweeter: The Morel MDT29 was selected for it’s good off axis performance, and low frequency extension that allows it to be crossed over around 1800 Hz

Woofer: The Seas L16RN-SL was selected because its Q(tc) indicated it was suited for a sealed box, plus it has good low frequency extension for its size.


Testing Report

Crossover Schematic


Testing Results:

Full Range

Purple: Full Range, Red: Tweeter, Blue: Mid-Woofer, Green: .5 Woofer

Full Range, Mid Woofer Inverted

Horizontal Off Axis Response

Purple: 0º, Red:15º, Green: 30º, Blue: 45º, Orange: 60º

Vertical Off Axis Response

Purple: 0º, Red:15º, Green: 30º, Blue: 45º, Orange: 60º

Harmonic Distortion:

Step Response: 

Impulse Response:

Minimum Phase Response:


Tweeter Response:

Woofer Response:

Creative Commons License

Epimetheus by Russell Goddard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.